ГВ Project (part 2)

Easy way to modernize your Ak. No adjustment/modification needed.

AK74 (Standard)

The replacement of the dust cover is the simplest and quite inexpensive upgrade which allows to mount a red dot or a collimator reliably and stably.

HANDGUARD (WGHG 1 and 2) and VSP Stock adapter
MTK® As per the dust cover handguard is in dual-metal technology. The design is unique since handguard follows the receiver shape granting a terrific ergonomic and an extraordinary handling,
an useful shooting support, and a minimal encumbrance for storing also in vehicles.
MTK® handguard is the only one which maintain all the original AK functionalities: the original AK rear sight, the front belt fixing point and the cleaning rod housing.


Handguard comes in two different sizes. Standard (Ver1 as the original one) and extended (Ver2). All the surfaces and edges are rounded so to be snag free. K-MOD slots (6 for standard version, 12 for the extended ones) allow to mount additional picatinny rails or any kind of accessories compatibles with picatinny system.

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