• Magnification, x: 4-20
  • Field of view, deg: 1,5-8
  • Exit pupil, mm: 1,4-7
  • Eye relief, mm: 15
  • Resolution, arc. Sec: 10-20
  • Overall dimensions, mm: 265x42x190
  • Weight, kg: 0,45

Monocular designed for artillery spotter, very compact for field observation of targets up to 3 km. with zoom magnification 4x -20x.

There is a removable light filter for contrast increasing in reduced illumination or fog conditions and the retractable blind to avoid reflex.

Reticle supplemented with the range and angle-measure scales properly designed for sight adjustment. Device is equipped with the holder for mounting on a suitable support.

A light and compact solution for long range shooting, the military artillery reticle is a great support in evaluating gruping deviation and distance.

Perfect for hunting or long range shooting where professional equipment is required.

The special support (included) was designed for battlefield use and it is intended to fix the monocular virtually everywhere. The monocular has been made for use in any weather condition, very low temperatures, rain, fog, dust, etc. and it is mil-spec.