NPZ PO 2,8X18-P


PO 2,8X18-P

  • Magnification, x: 2,8
  • Field of view, deg: 13
  • Exit pupil, mm: 6
  • Eye relief, mm: 32
  • Adjustment range of the sight by
    height and by direction: ±0-10
  • Shooting range, m: 400-700
  • Human measuring range, m: 400-700
  • Overall dimensions, mm: 200X90X170
  • Weight kg: 0,7


Rifle sight is intended for battlefield observation, choosing the target, determination of the distance to a target and aimed shooting with submachine guns AN-94, AK74, AK-100, AK-12/15 and light machine guns RPKN in the daytime, twilight and at night at the glowing and illuminated targets. It fits Saiga and picatinny rail.

The aiming and determination of the target range is carried out by angles and strokes of the sight reticle.

For firing at night and twilight the sight is equipped with tritium lighting element aiming mark illumination.

Also available for Saiga/AK models PO2,8×18-1