• Magnification, x: 8
  • Field of view, deg: 5
  • Exit pupil, mm: 2
  • Convergence of the light beams
    behind the eyepieces:  -10 to +10
  • Resolution, arc. Sec: 13
  • Overall dimensions, mm: 100x45x45
  • Weight, kg: 0,12


Designed under KGB request for spotting remote targets positioned at a distance from 5m to 300m in the open air and in any season.

Very compact, it is handy in service and has small dimensions and mass, but despite of its small size lens are extremely clear and bright.

The diopter setting by an observer’s eye and focusing on the object to be observed is carried out by rotation of the objective at the same time.

Originally born for spying, it is ideal to be used at the shooting range to sight grouping on targets up to 300m. Targets are visible also in low-ligth conditions.