NPZ PO 1X20-1


PO 1×20-1

  • Magnification, x: 1
  • Field of view, deg: 13
  • Exit popil, mm: 20
  • Eye relief, mm: 100
  • Adjustment range of the sight by
    height and by direction: ±0-8
  • Overall dimensions, mm: 180X65X110
  • Weight kg: 0,55

    The collimators sights are intended for aimed fire in daylight, twilight conditions and at night at the illuminating targets with AK-Saiga. Aiming is carried out by an aiming sign of a reticle, the image of which is found in the eternity.


The sights are equipped with aiming reticle illumination based on tritium element. The sights can be used under the ambient temperature from -50 to + 50 °C and relevant humidity 100% at the temperature 25 °C. They provide rapid aiming capability at moveable targets. Aiming is effected with one or two eyes. Illumination (green light) of the reticle based on tritium element.

Also available for Picatinny PO 1×20-P