Sag Ak-Saiga Chassis Mk2.1 1913 Mil Std

The SAG AK MK2.1 Freefloat Chassis is the complete upgrade solution for the AK platform which allows user to:

Mount optic sights and red-dots on the rifle as well as any pointing (PEQ Flashlight Rangefinder) device without need to remove them during rifle disassembly for cleaning.
Freefloat the barrel.
Bring up accuracy of the system and eliminate POI shift while shooting from the rest or bipod.
Run longer shot strings – since the fore end doesn’t touch the barrel the handguard remains cool even through 120 shots string.

Chassis doesn’t block the irons and do have a space for AK RSB when installed.

Fits any AK47 SAIGA AK74 type of riles with standard AK47 AK74 AK105 gas system length.

The SAG AK MK2.1 Chassis kit consists of:

Precision CNC machined from a solid billet of high strength aircraft grade aluminum upper.
1913-MIL-STD rail from gasblock to the rear end of ejection port with break for rear iron sight post. Top rail also comes with built-in ACOG interface.

The upper stays in place during assembly disassembly of the rifle for maintenance and cleaning. Upper serves as a mounting block for foreend and gas tube and freefloats the barrel.

Lightweight gas tube precision made from steel. Mounts on the gasblock and into the upper.
Precision CNC machined base for the upper.
Presidion CNC machined steel insert into the Rear sight base which together with upper base forms solid clamp-on around the barrel chamber area which ensures chassis stays in place no matter how you beat the rifle.

The SAG AK MK2.1 Chassis can be installed by user in 10 minutes time.
Installation does not require any special tools.

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