Sag Svd Chassis Mk1

fits any mil-spec svd dragunov sdvs dragunov tigr tigr-s rifles
The SAG SVD DRAGUNOV Freefloat Chassis is one-pack upgrade set which will gives SVD DRAGUNOV Optics Bipods NV mounting platform AND a long freefloat foreend at the same time.
The SAG SVD DRAGUNOV Freefloat Chassis features:

Steel Precision machined Barrel nut which mounts to the receiver of SVD rifle and serves as a mounting base for upper and lower. The barrel nut serves as mechanical heart of the system – adding additional point of support for optic mount
Low-profile monolithic upper with 20MOA MIL-STD-1913 465mm (18.3”) long rail to mount various Day Scopes along with laser range-finders and clip-on NV devices. Such as AN/PVS27. The upper stays in place during disassembly for cleaning which ensures there is NO zero shift. Upper fixes on original receiver siderail AND on the steel barrel nut also fixed to receiver. Such way of mounting makes upper a 2 crossing mechanical arch construction which adds rigidity to the system and eliminates one of the main SVD Dragunov system’s problems – bending of the receiver under recoil impulse. Vertical profile of the rifle with chassis is the same as a base rifle.
Slim-profile lower handguard which is 2.5” (65mm) longer than original handguard but don’t touch the barrel which makes the barrel freefloated. Handguard allow installation of bipods plastic panels MIL-STD-1913 rail sections in user-adaptable configuration. Thus the barrel is freefloated there is NO POI shift when shooting from sandbag rest or bipod.
Chassis features Keymod interface for installation of various accessories. M-LOK version is available upon request.
Rigidity of the chassis increases accuracy and reliability.
Weight of the chassis is 890 grams (1 lbs 15 oz). When installed it adds only 390 grams (14 oz) to the rifle which equals the weight of the base SVD with a steel sidemount.

The SAG SVD DRAGUNOV freefloat Chassis can be installed in DIY manner. Requires removal of every bit of original furniture from the barrel.

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