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This site is a tool for shooters where to find historic references, literature, manuals, news and other documentation on Izhmash, NPZ, and Murom, and the common house of their community where they can make questions or exchange their opinions in their own language.
The most valuable questions will be reported in different languages in the FAQ sections.

Who are we

MTK Club represents the network of the EU official distributors of the brands listed above. In the site it’s reported the official distributor for each country. 

Shooters, if there is no official representative in their country, may contact DTG in Italy.

WARNING: Any of the said products purchased outside of the official listed distributors shall not be covered by any warranty or assistance.



NEW ergonomic cocking lever for Saiga and AK (from model 74 on). Internal design makes it self-adapting and extremely stable. Ergonomic profile makes arming faster and safer. The ONLY one on the market with this conformation. Designed on military specifications in ergal with hard oxidation. Fixing occurs by interference of the cover with three screws.


WG Handguard 1 HAND GUARD military grade for AK (from AKM series to 200 series) mil-spec and Saiga. Made with dual-metal technology, it has phosphated steel casings while the picatinny rail and supports are in ergal. Allows disassembly of the gas tube as the original and it is very stable. It’s a product with military …