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This site is a tool for shooters where to find historic references, literature, manuals, news and other documentation on Izhmash, NPZ, and Murom, and the common house of their community where they can make questions or exchange their opinions in their own language.
The most valuable questions will be reported in different languages in the FAQ sections.

Who are we

MTK Club represents the network of the EU official distributors of the brands listed above. In the site it’s reported the official distributor for each country. 

Shooters, if there is no official representative in their country, may contact DTG in Italy.

WARNING: Any of the said products purchased outside of the official listed distributors shall not be covered by any warranty or assistance.


Luxury 1911 grips

Challenge: Very special grips in Quebracho wood for some luxury 1911 in limited series addressed to key people.  Quebracho Colorado (schinopsis lorentzii), its name comes from Spanish “quiebra-hacha” (axe-breaker), is the second hardest wood of the world, just a bit behind to the Australian Buloke (less than a 2% difference). To better understand. Quebracho is 3+ …


The walnut gun stock care oil kit is designed for firearm enthusiasts seeking a natural and effective solution to preserve and protect the wood of their firearms. The 100% natural formula is specially crafted to provide lasting protection against weathering and daily wear. Key Features: Usage Instructions: