AK Wallnut grip

Grip made in walnut multilayer (2 or 3 layers) grade 2/2+ handcrafted finishing in natural linen oil. It uses the original screw (not provided). Design and thichness improved to optimize ergonomic.

The profile guarantees a more ergonomic grip than the original.
Ideal both for ex ordinance to preserve the original grip or to give a retro tone to the new Saigas or AKs.

VPS adaptor

VPS adaptor is dedicated to AK with fixed stock (not foldables).
It’s easy to install, will fit with only 3 screws.

Once installed, you can easily mount two type of stock.


Ultra light stock made in ergal 7075T6 anodized. Ribbon pad HT 3DP.
Inclination has been designed to be perfectly in line with the barrel so to reduce recoil and kick.


Made in ergal 7075T6 hard anodized, CNC machined. Mil-spec and commercial stocks compatible.

AR Buttstock Adapter

Lightweight AR Buttstock adapter.
Collapsable and foldable.
CNC Machined. Steel for the hinge and duraluminium for the tube.
Reduce recoil.
Six positions.
Mil-Spec and commercial stocks compatible.

Compatible with AK/MK folding stock series.


New Side RAIL Mount AK/MK – MSR1.

Modular Lightweight side Rail mount.
It allows to put on side rail a 4 or 10 slots picatinny rail (provided).
Only 140g with long rail.
Low profile, only 15mm from dust cover.
Made in aerospace aluminum, chrome-manganese the clamp for solidity,
titanium-zinc to durably absorb vibration.
Hard-oxide coating to last without scrapes.

All guided mechanical couplings to grant the perfect orthogonality.

Pins in hard steel for the clamp, male/female coupling for the rails.
Steel part are manganese phosphated.
Package include allen key and spare screws.

Izhmash Survival Knife

The saw, harpoon and awl attach into the swing-lock assembly that makes up the wire cutter. The compass is stored behind the knob/cap on the front of the sheath. The steel is carbon steel. The capsule in the handle has 2 compartments, one for the pre-assembled fishing line, bobber and hook, the 2nd for the normal fire stuff, etc. All of the functions of the knife are created with cold hands in mind, you can open the paracord swing, locking features, etc. with no real dexterity.

Siberian News

DTG will exclusively distribute a batch of PU, limited numbered series of one hundred pieces, produced by NPZ to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the most famous sniper rifle scope of the WWII.
The other 300 are destined for a special Saiga edition (NPZ has always produced for Izhmash firearms) … but this will be a surprise…

NPZ PO 1.5/6

NPZ PO1.5/6 optical sight with two fixed magnifications 1.5x and 6x is designed for territory observation, target detection and recognition as well as for aiming of weapons with top mounting seat of «Picatinny» rail type. The magnification swap is realized with a special mechanism which, differently from others, is very solid and durable in line with the Russian tradition.

Designed for Russian special corps, ideal for IPSC competitions.