Ventilated handguard kit in walnut grade 1+/2.

  • Natural oil finishing
  • Kit include hanguard and gas tube cover.
  • The ventilation system reduces thermal stress.
  • For AK from AKM included military surplus and Saiga MK, MKK, AK74. Not compatible with milled receivers.
  • Cleaning rod compatible.
  • Given the characteristics of the material, small adjustments may be necessary to adapt it to the weapon.

Walnut vented top cover

Made of top quality solid walnut finished with linseed oil.

Safe grip on sides.

Tree serie’s of holes on top reduces thermal stress and prevents cracking or, in case of “heavy” use, carbonization.

Availables from the end of September on authorized distributors network or on

AK Wallnut grip

Grip made in walnut multilayer (2 or 3 layers) grade 2/2+ handcrafted finishing in natural linen oil. It uses the original screw (not provided). Design and thichness improved to optimize ergonomic.

The profile guarantees a more ergonomic grip than the original.
Ideal both for ex ordinance to preserve the original grip or to give a retro tone to the new Saigas or AKs.