Walnut vented top cover

Made of top quality solid walnut finished with linseed oil.

Safe grip on sides.

Tree serie’s of holes on top reduces thermal stress and prevents cracking or, in case of “heavy” use, carbonization.

Availables from the end of September on authorized distributors network or on mtkoutlet.com.


NEW ergonomic cocking lever for Saiga and AK (from model 74 on).

Internal design makes it self-adapting and extremely stable.

Ergonomic profile makes arming faster and safer.

The ONLY one on the market with this conformation.

Designed on military specifications in ergal with hard oxidation.

Fixing occurs by interference of the cover with three screws.


WG Handguard 1

HAND GUARD military grade for AK (from AKM series to 200 series) mil-spec and Saiga.

Made with dual-metal technology, it has phosphated steel casings while the picatinny rail and supports are in ergal.

Allows disassembly of the gas tube as the original and it is very stable.

  • Upper picatinny rail allows the assembly of collimators and red dots up to 1200g..
  • 6 slot Mloc.
  • Holes to dissipate heat.
  • It mount on the original attachments, preserving the functionality of the belt loop and the cleaning rod.

It’s a product with military specifications designed and built for operational use and is part of the “AK Modernization” project in collaboration with other companies in the defense sector.

Izhmash Survival Knife

The saw, harpoon and awl attach into the swing-lock assembly that makes up the wire cutter. The compass is stored behind the knob/cap on the front of the sheath. The steel is carbon steel. The capsule in the handle has 2 compartments, one for the pre-assembled fishing line, bobber and hook, the 2nd for the normal fire stuff, etc. All of the functions of the knife are created with cold hands in mind, you can open the paracord swing, locking features, etc. with no real dexterity.