Ventilated handguard kit in walnut grade 1+/2.

  • Natural oil finishing
  • Kit include hanguard and gas tube cover.
  • The ventilation system reduces thermal stress.
  • For AK from AKM included military surplus and Saiga MK, MKK, AK74. Not compatible with milled receivers.
  • Cleaning rod compatible.
  • Given the characteristics of the material, small adjustments may be necessary to adapt it to the weapon.


WG Handguard 1

HAND GUARD military grade for AK (from AKM series to 200 series) mil-spec and Saiga.

Made with dual-metal technology, it has phosphated steel casings while the picatinny rail and supports are in ergal.

Allows disassembly of the gas tube as the original and it is very stable.

  • Upper picatinny rail allows the assembly of collimators and red dots up to 1200g..
  • 6 slot Mloc.
  • Holes to dissipate heat.
  • It mount on the original attachments, preserving the functionality of the belt loop and the cleaning rod.

It’s a product with military specifications designed and built for operational use and is part of the “AK Modernization” project in collaboration with other companies in the defense sector.