AR Buttstock Adapter

Lightweight AR Buttstock adapter.
Collapsable and foldable.
CNC Machined. Steel for the hinge and duraluminium for the tube.
Reduce recoil.
Six positions.
Mil-Spec and commercial stocks compatible.

Compatible with AK/MK folding stock series.


New Side RAIL Mount AK/MK – MSR1.

Modular Lightweight side Rail mount.
It allows to put on side rail a 4 or 10 slots picatinny rail (provided).
Only 140g with long rail.
Low profile, only 15mm from dust cover.
Made in aerospace aluminum, chrome-manganese the clamp for solidity,
titanium-zinc to durably absorb vibration.
Hard-oxide coating to last without scrapes.

All guided mechanical couplings to grant the perfect orthogonality.

Pins in hard steel for the clamp, male/female coupling for the rails.
Steel part are manganese phosphated.
Package include allen key and spare screws.